(Part 3/3 – A summary of the Sunday morning teaching on 19-Jul-15, in AFT Church, English service. From the series The Foundation For Victorious Living)


For You have been a shelter for me,
A strong tower from the enemy.
4 I will abide in Your tabernacle forever;
I will trust in the shelter of Your wings.

Psalm 61:3, 4

And he said:

“The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer;

2 Samuel 22:2

These verses speak of refuge from trouble – tabernacle, shelter and tower. They refer both to temporary day-to-day troubles as well as God’s final judgment. Prophet Nahum says in chapter 1 verse 7 that even though there will be trouble, those who have been acquitted by God and declared righteous have no reason to worry. When they put their trust in Him, the Lord will become their shelter and righteousness.


Let’s now look at another characteristic of God’s. He is righteous. He makes everything right. As the all-powerful Creator, it’s His exclusive right to set everything right. Nobody else can do it.

Nahum 1:8 onwards talks at length about the destruction that would come upon Nineveh. And come it did! One night, an angel of God killed 185,000 people including the king’s troop. King Sennacherib went home and was killed there. Within no time, his successor and the entire Ninevites were wiped out by the Meads. The city was leveled to nothing!

Was God bad? No! He had waited for them to repent and turn to Him. He even went out of the way to reach out to them by sending Jonah! So great was His love. But they continued in their wicked ways.

Finally, God let loose His wrath. When He did that, nobody balked. Because when a judge passes a judgment, we expect it to fulfill justice.

Harken! God set things right at Nineveh. He will do it once again when Jesus returns. But then, we don’t have to be afraid because Jesus is our refuge, stronghold and our tabernacle!

Our God loves us. But He also is just, powerful and righteous. We can be enveloped in the shadow of His wings at all times!

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