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AFT Church WhatsApp List

Connect with AFT Church on WhatsApp and receive announcements and useful resources.

AFT Church WhatsApp list – Instructions in English

AFT Church WhatsApp list – Instructions in Tamil

How to join AFT Church WhatsApp list

There are two ways to join the Church WhatsApp list:

Method 1

Step 1: From your smart phone, click the following link or the button below, which will open WhatsApp on your phone and fill in our Church number, and even the message that needs to be sent. Just add your name and click send.


Step 2: Then SAVE our number 98848 11711 to your phone contact list.
NOTE: This is the MOST important step. If you do not do this you will NOT receive the messages that we send you. This is a must-have requirement from WhatsApp. So please DO NOT forget this step.

Method 2

Step 1: SAVE our number 98848 11711 on your smartphone contact list.

Step 2: Open your WhatsApp and send a message – ‘ADD ’ to the saved number 98848 11711
Thank you.

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