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Apostolic Fellowship Tabernacle, Chennai is one of the fastest-growing churches in India and is pastored by Rev. Sam P. Chelladurai and Jeevan Chelladurai.

Pastor Sam and Jeevan have created a niche for the church by uncompromisingly preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is the revelation of all blessings – spiritual, material, social and physical. There is an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in the church that welcomes people from various professions, backgrounds, and different socio-economic strata.

Week after week, sermon after sermon, people are being touched, minds are being transformed, and lives are being built by the power of God’s word, which is at the core of this ministry. The church also has other ministerial activities like Sunday Children’s Ministry, Vacation Bible School, Full Gospel Bible College, Monthly Magazine, and making available books, mp3, mp4, CDs, and DVDs online and offline.

We encourage you to come and be a part of our service and experience the life-changing power of God’s word, which is at work in this place, in a very special way. We also invite you to follow us on social media channels.

All services are streamed LIVE on our website and top social media channels. You can watch ALL our church services LIVE.

Regular Church Service Schedules:


Every Sunday

1st Service (Tamil) – 06:00am to 07:30am (IST)
2nd Service (Tamil) – 08:30am to 10:00am (IST)
3rd Service (English) – 11:00am to 12:30pm (IST)
4th Service (Tamil) – 06:00pm to 08:00pm (IST)

Every Tuesday

English Bible Study – 06:00pm to 7:00pm (IST)
Tamil Bible Study – 07:15pm to 8:15pm (IST)

Every Friday

English Weekly Prayer – 06:00pm to 7:00pm (IST)
Tamil Weekly Prayer – 07:15pm to 8:15pm (IST)

Our Church Address:

Apostolic Fellowship Tabernacle,
47, Vadamalai Street, Purasawalkam,
Chennai – 600 007, Tamilnadu, India.
Phone: +91 44 2662 0086 / 2662 1085
Email: contact@revsam.org

Click here for the route Map and Directions.

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