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WORD on the POD!



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What is Podcasting?
Podcasting is just one more great way to listen to Pastor Sam's TV and radio broadcasts. The term podcasting comes from the name iPod, which is a device/player that is produced by Apple Incorporated. An iPod is an electronic player that allows users to download files in mp3 or AAC (Apple iTunes format).

The term podcast no longer specifically relates to the iPod, but rather to any software or hardware combination that permits the downloading and playing of files in user-defined time frames. Other portable MP3 players are available as well. They are available in various hard disk capacities that can support downloading of other larger files for audio and video. Typically, MP3 players have primarily been used to download and play audio files, but have expanded into playing video files as well. To play podcasts of the Pastor Sam's messages away from your computer, you need an MP3 player. Write to us at for any doubts or clarifications.